BoKS-House –A Modern Habitat – E.S.T.

The architectural design of BoKS-house (Building Option Kit Systems) emerged from the need to create a single-family home that broke the current model of house as Liability. A physical house structure can be leveraged to become an Asset and possible source of revenue.

The basic design concept builds upon three primary strategies, which include:

Efficiency - Simplicity - Technology

Basement Floor Plan
First Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan
Attic Floor Plan

The design elements that fall under Efficiency include:

The design elements that fall under Simplicity include:

The design elements that fall under Technology include:

All of these benefits are without compromise. The beautifully appointed, open, and flexible floor plan is highly designed to maximize a lifestyle of efficiency and function. BoKS-house provides all of this and, thus, a long-lasting value that becomes a family legacy to be shared and passed down through the generations.

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“We have worked with Dan Bryan on multiple projects. His knowledge of the area, and ability to work well with contractors and homeowners are excellent. Highly recommended.”

– Robert Lassandrello

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